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Posters & Program Covers
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Roy Sjoberg,the chief engineer on the development of the Viper Program hired me to create the poster for the 2018 Greenbrier Concours d’Elegance event.  Roy sent me this video taken at the event – kind of fun. Check out 2:41 into the youtube video.

Bay Concert Band

As the band’s performance level elevated so did their need for professional marketing materials.  I was hired to improve their image through stronger visuals.  I first created web images promoting their concerts, soon after the board asked me to design their posters and program handouts. Now they call every year.

I have full concept development and design freedom. The liberty to try varying styles and techniques is not only fun – it’s appropriate. Different approaches reflect the diversity in their music, so this time shooting ideas in different directions is on-target.

Gon’l the Artist

The Gon’l poster represents one of many I designed promoting art shows featuring specific paintings or art sculptures.

Northport Cars as Art Event

After seeing my designs in the Northport Market the director of the Cars as Art event contacted me to create original art for their posters and street banners.  A poster collector’s version was also created which they sold to patrons.  Later people purchased the street banners for their home collections.

Northport Dog Parade

Every year Northport, MI holds a dog parade where dogs and their human friends parade through town in costume ending at the marina for the closing awards ceremony.  I was hired to design the posters, paper and magazines ads and T-shirts.

Graphic Design

  • Creative Conception
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Design Layout
  • Create web images
  • Write web content
  • Update website