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I was selected to design a mural for the Northport Marina.  I worked with a wonderful team of fabulous artists (Public Art Committee).  It was an honor to say the least.  I designed the mural as a large “paint by number” art piece.  More than 200 community members and visitors help paint the 14 8′ panels creating a mural 109 feet long. The team contributed 100’s of volunteer hours to make the “Mural Paint In” successful.

I named the mural – “Bay Presents” – as in gifts.  In a capsule, my inspiration and the meaning behind the name, derived from . . .

We are gifted daily with gifts from the Bay.  Everyday we experience something new from the bay.  I also believe we should live in the “present” and recognize our blessings.  We should never take what is given to us freely for granted!

So I designed what I call “ribbons of color” that wrap scenes that depict some of the gifts we receive from the bay.

These free gifts are given to residents and our multitude of visitors who love where we live.