Dry Medium

Dry Medium
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After focusing on print, web and video digital arts, I recently returned to sketching and illustrating with ink and charcoal. A good friend asked me to doodle with several pens and asked, “Which one feels good?”
I immediately picked one. He handed me the pen and said, “Go draw.” Boy was he onto something.

It feels good getting back to my original love. There’s a type of relaxation that comes with drawing that allows a different kind of creativity to surface. Walking Bo with paper and pencil in hand, changing a 3-dimensional world into 2D interpretations builds a calm energy. It’s much like the calm before a storm – peace followed by vivid clarity then electrical activity. It must be the responsiveness of a lead stick that makes drawing different from using a digital pen and tablet. Don’t worry “Adobe”, I enjoy both mediums. By blending the two, my work allows new possibilities. I like where it’s taking me.