You’ve landed!

I’m glad we’re on the same page!

You arrived at a place that spawns inspiration, strengthens belief in your ideas and inspires you to take action!Kat Dakota Design Studio Suttons Bay MI Winter Scene

After perusing through my portfolio, let’s discuss your project or idea. Big or small I have the graphic design, writing and producing skills to make it happen.

I love the creative process – letting go of the reins, letting ideas fly then lassoing the winning concept. Thinking beyond the obvious, challenging all resources, painting the big picture while focusing on the small details – it’s stimulating and energizing.  Much creativity is captured in my small design studio snuggled within the beautiful, artistic and friendly village of Suttons Bay, Michigan.

Currently I’m working on new Digital Original Artwork.  After my debut in Northport at the new Village Arts Building I received exciting responses from both homeowners and commercial businesses.  You can see my artwork at the Shoreline Arts Gallery in Suttons Bay or contact me directly.

My new creations will be shown at the Arty Party in Leland Michigan in October 2017. When the event draws near I will post details.  Enjoy!



Kat Dakota Design Digital Original Arts Bike Image "Simple Life's Riches"


Meeting Kat Dakota is officially the fastest way to find a new friend.  The bonus, she’s inspiring, creative and a great designer.

Kat’s business card simply reads, “Kat Dakota Design”.  Why?

She explained, “As a designer, I take existing resources, introduce new ideas, new perspectives and create something new that’s on target. That can mean – arranging a meeting room, composing shots, creating logos, designing brochures, structuring websites, to writing and editing copy.” When asked what she likes most.  Without hesitation she smiled and said, “Meeting strangers and ending the conversation as friends.”

Her approachable, non-pretentious childlike energy and genuine interest in your success not only makes her hop with excitement but makes her great at what she does.

Her current work features “Digital Original Arts”.  Her transition away from blending her photography and digital graphics into creating digital brushes and digital painting produces bold dynamic graphic-like fine art which is grabbing attention.  Take a closer look of her work at Shoreline Arts Galley in Suttons Bay, Michigan.

Don’t be a stranger.  Introduce yourself and you’ll find a friend that has a lot to offer.

In short –Kat’s a designer – a creative professional who packages new ideas into tangible and intangible products that meet clearly defined objectives and goals – by design.

and anywhere in-between – hence the assumed name